Networking Between the Mountains

Carinthia offers an incredible opportunity to use its open spaces between or on top of the mountains to meet, make friends, learn another language, and discover different cultures and their history. This is especially important for people who recently moved to Austria. They have difficulties making friends and feel isolated in a foreign country and still do not have a good relationship with the German language!

“Networking between the mountains” is a project which allows people to acquire basic knowledge about how to approach the local mountains, which rules to follow and what are the hidden dangers you can encounter along your hike.

“Let’s network between our mountains together! But wisely!" The inconvenient point is that mountains are not always accessible to everybody. 

Mountains are an entity with their own will: you need to know their language and you need to learn to respect it! So it will respect you! This project is open to all anyone that wants to discover the right approach in order to discover this new landscape.

Anita Pinagli BA MA Certified Carinthian “Bergwanderfuehrer” since 2020.  Anita is Italian and studied archaeology and languages ( Spanish, German, and English ).  Since 2014  she has specialized in the organization of cultural-historical hikes in the border area near Villach. 


The hikes will take place depending on weather conditions and number of participants! Each event will only take place with a minimum of 5 participants, otherwise, they will be canceled and will not be repeated! In order to join and get an update on each single hike proposal contact the 


The standard daily rate for a qualified Carinthiand Wander Guide 2023: is 250 €. Standard price per person: 25€ for hikes up to 5h  for a group of min.10 people per hike  Special discount for Carithian International Center members only: 15€  per person for hikes - up to 5h - for a group of min.10 people (price is subject to changes depending on group size and level of difficulties of the hike). The guide requires advance payment of the attendance fees! 


All participants are responsible to reach the different hiking starts with their own car. We will try to organize a CAR SHARING service with the additional cost of 5  eur per participant to give to the driver!


Family hikes: daily exit thought for beginners and families with children in plain or not difficult terrains under the 500 m  of height difference with a max 3 h hike.

Advanced hike: Hikes thought for CIC-trained members that already joined the past editions of the Networking  Between the Mountains hikes or for Hikers which are ready to hike up to 7 h per day in medium difficult terrains- with 500+ m height difference!

Anita Pinagli
Certified Carinthian Hiking Guide + 43 660 7433095