Angebote von CIC Mitgliedern

Hier finden Sie eine Überblick über selbst inittierte Aktivitäten, die für CIC Mitglieder von Bedeutung sein könnten, manche davon sind von CIC Mitgliedern initiiert worden.

Wenn Sie eigene Ideen für Aktivitäten oder Treffen haben, senden Sie ein e-mail mit Ihren Vorstellungen an den CIC, dann können wir es gerne veröffentlichen.

Aktuelle Angebote:

Angebote von CIC Mitglieder, offers from CIC members, Häuser, Wohnungen zu vermieten
Austria Guides
ASIRI - Sorgfältige hergestellte Produkte aus den Anden!
Asia Shop in Villach
On your way over to the Italien ice cream place on Italienerstrasse in Villach, cross the street and stop by the lovely, well-stocked Asia Markt. Ms. Wildpanner who is fluent in English and German, opens her shop Monday-Friday from 10-12 and 1:30-6:00, and on Saturday from 9:30-12:30.
Energy Sessions
English Yoga Classes
Family Portraits / Ritratti di Famiglia
In the spring every moment is a photo to be collected! This photo is printed and hanging on the wall of the living room, a beautiful materialized moment on the paper: "I could not imagine my life without the hundreds of photos I slip to my children, every age is beautiful and we can not afford to let her run away , We can not find one day saying "It's gone so fast that I can not remember when she/he was small ..." That's why there are PHOTOS! Do not wait, decide now for a family photo shoot for your family
Holistic Treatment Diana Zouppas
Our CIC member Diana Zouppas, who had set up two Holistic Centres, in Athens and London, has opened a Holistic house in Klagenfurt now.
Hotel Gasthof Lammersdorf
BBQ All-You-Can-Eat incl. salad & side dishes Buffet (Small menu also possible on grilling evening) We grill at any weather conditions! May & June: Every Friday July & August: Tuesday and Friday
Jenny Le - professionelle Nageldesignerin + Makeup Artistin
Our CIC member Jenny Le from Ho Chi Minh City, worked after her graduation from the Kelly Pang Academy as a professional Nail Designer and, after the graduation from the Louis Academy as a professional Make-up Artist in the Beauty area.
Lomi lomi Nui Massage
Lomi Lomi Nui is a mixture of ritual, body work and dance, which was formerly practiced in Hawaii in the temple. Lomi Lomi Nui Bodywork is a special experience and acts as a blessing. It leads in a tangible way to dimensions which have become scarce in our Western world. The Lomi treatment relieves old tensions and helps to heal the wounds of the past in a marvelous way.
London Hair Studio Clare Young
Our CIC member Clare Young from London is a Celebrity hair stylist with 13 years of experience at London’s award-winning salons.
PicoClan: der erste Spielzeug- & Kinderausstattung-Verleih i
It’s a truly innovative concept! Nancy Wang from Canada has created the first Carinthian library of toys and equipment for children 0-11 years old: Picoclan. The main idea of PicoClan is to “borrow instead of buying”. For just a few euros a week, you can borrow an array of interesting products for your child. It's an environmentally friendly way to give your kid more choices (more than 300 different items are currently available in the library), while saving time and money. How did this idea come about?
Private Trainer
Private Trainer
Privater Deutschunterricht
Private tutoring in mathematics and physics
Public speaking and leadership skills
You want to learn to stand in front of a group of people and speak without the nervous trembling, the faster heart beat or whatever else it is, that your body does in a situation like that?
helps people and families to relocate and settle in to Austria. We offer a ‘concierge style’ relocation service, locating suitable accommodation, schooling and sourcing support services to help make a smooth and seamless transition in to life in Austria. We also can help companies source UK and English speaking professionals and industry specialists, through our dedicated UK partner network.
Stress and Coaching
Swircle - travelling bookshelf
Yoga Classes in English - Online
Yoga am See