Inga The English Trainer

When you learned your mother-tongue as a baby you began by listening to the melody of your parents voices. Slowly you started to speak, imitating the sounds you heard. This is the most efficient way to learn any foreign language, too. Grammar comes later.


I am a business English trainer and have been coaching adults in Austria for the past 12 years. After I retired in the USA at age 65 I came to Klagenfurt and started my own company here: Synchro-Communications. Mostly website translations and English language training in local companies. When I turned 72 I retired again and reduced my business activities to offering one-on-one business English training with two options: “Talk and Tea” at my apartment or “Walk and Talk” at various locations in Klagenfurt. From many years experience I have found 2 hour to be the very best time frame for my sessions. I charge Euro 45.00 for 2 hours.


If you are interested in improving your English language skills, please contact me at 0660 323 7447 or via email