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Kerala Flood Relief Lunch at Otelo Villach
Book Club
Do you like to read and discuss books? If yes, come and join the Book Club! The Book Club is for everyone who loves to read and enjoys sharing their thoughts and opinions in a lively discussion (in English). The Book Club takes place every 3rd Monday of the month from 7.30 pm - 9.30 pm.
Culinary Festivals in the Region
CIC Teens
There is something new at the CIC - introducing CIC Teen, a group for international teenagers in Carinthia. Created as a way for teens to connect with one another, the new CIC Teen group had its first meeting in April 2018.
CIC International Potluck 2018 Pictures
Dragonboat Cup 2018 Nachbericht
Aktiv, Veranstaltungen, Dragonboat cup 2018 Nachbericht
Great atmosphere at the Pippo Pollina concert! A remarkable artist with depth and humor. Thanks for coming everyone!
Language Brunch 2018 Pictures
This year again we had wonderful weather, delicious food and a great entertainment programme at the Language Brunch. Thanks for coming!
Soirée Internationale 2017 Nachbericht
Die Soirée Internationale, das Fest der Kulturen, wurde zum Aushängeschild der Aktivitäten der Initiative Vielfalt in Kärnten. Sie wurde zur Bühne für Diskussion, Unterhaltung und Zusammentreffen.
Pictures Soirée Internationale 2017
Pictures Soirée Internationale 2017
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