Mother Mantra

The Mother Mantra - The Ancient Shamanic Yoga of Non-Duality

Termine: 12. Juni und 19. Juni

18:00 - 20:00 Uhr

Hotel Goldenes Lamm, Gerbergasse 2

An initiate’s guide to the healing practices, spiritual exercises, and secret rites of the Mother Mantra tradition 

• Explains the practice of the Mother Mantra, which allows us to overcome subconscious programming, release our fears, and awaken to the dream nature of reality 

• Includes instructions for the practice of the Egyptian mantra to attract wealth and abundance and the Mystical Marriage Mantra for transformation and rebirth 

• Presents five spiritual rituals that can be incorporated into daily life to reestablish the universal balance between humanity and the divine 

Hidden at the heart of nearly all spiritual and esoteric traditions lies the powerful teachings of the Mother Mantra. 

Its initiates have preserved its consciousness-expanding techniques for millennia. Originating in the ancient practice of shamanic yoga, this tradition allows us to perceive the full complexity of reality. It helps us see both the visible and the invisible, moving beyond the consciousness of duality that limits us to only the material world. Operating in this heightened state of non-ordinary consciousness, we can see beyond our subconscious programming and behavior patterns and understand our possibilities and powers. By removing all fear, it allows you to love yourself exactly as you are.

The session is accompanied by Francesca Rossi in Italian/German/English.

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