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Hey! I'm Alice and you might already know me from the Summerkids camp or from the lively reports of the camp I write every year. I adore children and love to play with them. Photography, drawing, and snowboarding are some of the things I love to do in my free time and I also like to read and write.

I come from Singapore and have been living in Austria for 7 years now; and am currently attending high school in Villach.

Week 1 - "We are dancing and jumping in the summer / Robotics"

As every year, the camp was held at the Auen Volkschule, where the kids would be dropped off every morning and then picked up again. Get-to-know-each-other-games were held on the first day for the new campers to feel a little more comfortable around each other. Following this week’s theme, the children all had a deeper look into robotics, engineering and technology in Kelag – where they spoke to a robot, gave it commands and even watched it dance the Gangnam Style! Both in Infineon and back in the school the kids even had a chance to build a robot themselves! To cool down, the children splashed around in the refreshing waters of the river gail and made cool floating rafts; and to top the week off, the campers took a trip to Gmünd to the Haus des Staunens, where they all attended a cool music workshop and played on different instruments.

Week 2 - "We are playing with and in the water"

Just like the title, this week was all about having fun with water! The children spent time touring the beautiful bodies of waters in Carinthia, like the river Gail, Silbersee and Boote Ortner at Wörthersee. Fun activities included jumping off docks, swimming, stand-up paddling, tubing, sailing, and much more. Of course, there were also fun non-water activities, like badminton, soccer, hula-hooping... The kids could also unleash their creativity by painting colourful t-shirts and creating artworks. Surrounding the theme "water", everyone visited Sagamundo and Granatium, to mine garnets and listen to Carinthian myths about mermaids! They also paid a visit to the fire brigade to learn about how the fire department works.

Week 3 - "We are creating our own colourful summer book"

This week, the kids created a book full of their experiences throughout the week. From lunching at Infineon, visiting the Haus des Stauenes in Gmünd, participating in a wonderful music workshop (where they could try out unique intruments), visiting Promente, and just being outdoors in nature, the kids had a lot to add into their Summer-book. Electronic parts, leaves and twigs, and different colours were all part of the book as well. Adding to the creative mix, the kids also got body-painted and helped to prepare lunch together! In the end, all of them had put together a great book, full of memories of this week, that they will always remember!

Week 4 - "We are observing and learning from the nature"

To learn from the nature means to be in it as well, and that was what the kids did. The week started off with a lunch at Infineon and an opportunity to design a garden for the IDC (International Day Care)! A trip to Sagamundo - Haus des Sagens - followed next, of course, with lots of Carinthian myths and legends and a nice hike. Spending lots of time outside, the kids also went on a hike with four cute llamas from a farm in Schütt, and each could take turns leading one of them! Everyone also created many artworks out of natural materials and even made their own oils out of different herbs! 

Week 5 - "We don't throw things away - we make something new out of it"

Following this week's recycling theme, the children made new things out of old ones, like painting and cutting old t-shirts to make new, fashionable ones. They also made cool forest tipis out of old, dead sticks. Some as big as a four person tent, others perfect for small creatures, like hedgehogs. The kids also took a trip to the Pankratium - Haus des Stauenes - in Gmünd to look at wonderful creations. They also went on a cool ride on the world's oldest merry-go-round and played on various instruments. In a farm in Schütt, everyone got a chance to ride a full-grown horse! They also took another fun hike with the infamous llamas into the woods. The week ended with a pizza making session, where everyone could put whatever toppings they wanted on their pizza!

Summerkids Special - "What a theatre!"

This week was specially dedicated to theatre and acting! Special guest and actress Amalia Contarini taught the kids to play with different facial expressions and gestures to show different emotions. Miming was also a big part of the acting experience. Together with Amalia, the children all prepared for a play that was shown on the last day of Summerkids. Either actively playing a role, or making the wonderful costumes backstage, all kids played a huge part into making the show and rehersals work seamlessly. A group of kids also performed a dance that they learnt throughout the week. The other group of kids visited the Gallery on Freihausgasse, near to the office. There, they looked at beautiful artworks surrounding the topic "Fabrics". Those children also got a chance to print great patterns on a piece of fabric!

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