Generationenübergreifende Diskussion über die Macht der Sprache

On behalf of Dr.in Karin Martin and Dr. Colin Heller from the research group TRANS_SPACE we invite you to this event.

Date: Wednesday, 9th June, 2021

Time: 14.00 – 18.00

Online event via Zoom (link will be sent out following registration.)

Speaker: Univ.Prof. (i.R.) Dr. Martin Stegu, Wirtschaftsuniversität, Vienna, Department for Foreign Language Economic Communication
Language: German
Registration: szw@fh-kaernten.at (as there is a limited number of participants please register in good time).

Participation in the event is free. It is organized in the context of a project of political education and is supported financially by the Austrian Society for Political Education.

The main goals are:

- What do we understand by "correct language"?
- Can language be exploited as correct and incorrect?
- Is it necessary for us all to use language appropriately, correctly and in a politically correct way?

Further information is available here.