On Thursday 20th May 2021 at 18.00 on Zoom

Talk: „Regional languages, minority languages and migrant languages: Let’s talk about Linguistic Diversity” with Prof. Georg Gombos (Uni Klagenfurt) 

Prof. Georg Gombos teaches intercultural education and multilingualism at the Department for Educational Science at the Alps-Adriatic-University of Klagenfurt, Austria. He also works part-time as a psychotherapist and coach. He speaks Hungarian, German, English, French, Spanish and Italian.

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SIETAR Austria's
goal is to be a platform for people working in the international communication field and to promote the interdisciplinary exchange of ideas in business, science and society. In times of globalization and internationalization, it regards culture and its understanding as an important economic and educational factor in Austria.

The society sees multilingualism as an asset rather than a drawback. It has a strong desire to promote and fostering multilingualism not only in the region where we live, but also around the world. In spite of research evidence and due to historical background, many regions are still suffering from prejudices and false beliefs around this topic.

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