Tutoring by Gymnasiale Oberstufe students for Gymnasiale Unterstufe and Volksschule children

In order to address the increasing demand for learning support during the lockdown, we are coordinating inexpensive tutoring offers and requests from students. 


Tutoring offers (for payment):

If you can offer tutoring and would like to earn some extra pocket money (5 Euros per hour), please send us a short e-mail with your contact details (address and phone number) and let us know:

- what class you are in and 

- which subject(s) you could teach. 


Tuition requests (for payment):

If you are looking for inexpensive tutoring (5 Euro per hour) or you are looking for tutoring for your child, please write a short e-mail to us with your contact details (address and phone number) in which you let us know:

- which class you are in and

- in which subject(s) you need tuition.


Please send the e-mails to: admin@cic-network.at

After we have received your e-mail, we will try to find a suitable partner for you as soon as possible! 

Current tutoring offers and requests

Grade Offers tutoring in... Searches tutoring in...
5th grade (Oberstufe) Italian and Slovenian Mathematics
5th grade (Oberstufe) Mathematics, English, Italian, Physics  
5th grade (Oberstufe) All subjects