Dragonboat Cup 2022


Location: Ruderverein Villach, Seeuferstraße 67, Villach-Landskron

Since 2011 the CIC joins the Dragonboat Cup at Ossiacher See with an own CIC paddling team. Visitors are very welcome at the tournament! Day event, food and drinks are available the whole day.



  • Date of the Cup: Saturday, 25th of June, 2022 daytime event, begin 10.00 hrs. starting of runs approx 11.00 hrs. Not depending on the weather.
  • The training sessions start approx. 3-4 weeks before the event. A team has the possibility to reserve up to 4 dates a' 1h. The possible training times will be published in time with the training schedule on our homepage. The reservation of a training date is done online by the team leader. The training sessions are only possible in the evenings, holidays and weekends are free of training.


Training dates can be found HERE

  • Team size: 20 people (18 paddlers, a drummer and a cox), at least 6 women per boat.
  • Location: Ruderverein Villach von 1881, A-9523 Landskron, Ossiacher See-Süduferstr. 67.
  • Procedure:
    In each heat two boats will compete against each other. Each team will get a second opportunity in a different boat. The distances will be added up to give a final figure and the faster boat will win. Finals for the first and second places involve two races as well, one in each boat. The total time totted up from just these heats will decide the overall winner or the team that is awarded third place. 
  • All participating crews will be accompanied by experienced paddlers who will give help and advice.
  • Rowing distance at the Cup: 222 m
  • Everyone can have a go (sporty or not, but has to be able to swim) No age limit
  • Training commitment: the whole team at least twice, preferably three times
  • Teams: up to 20 teams at the event
  • approx. 18.00 hrs. begin of the Dragonboat Party with live music

    for training, attendance fees and T-Shirts will be paid by the CIC for CIC members 2022.


Thanks to all who are taking part. We wish you good luck! Go, CIC Team, Go!