Exhibited work: Long Night of Museums

Our artist and CIC member Asuncion Cabrera Caballero has once again this year exhibited some works in the CIC office in Klagenfurt for the Long Night of Museums.

"Ramas - Äste"

She would like to offer a tour for members. Requests to admin@cic-network.at

Asunción Cabrera Caballero completed her art course in Seville (Spain). She taught in Spain at different Colleges of Fine Art in Málaga, Granada and Córdoba. She has had several exhibitions of her own and has taken part in group exhibitions in Spain, France and Austria. In accordance with the motto "Lifelong learning", she has regularly given lectures at Klagenfurt University in visual culture. She continues to carry out projects in public and very much enjoys artistic thought.

"Mujer soldado": Kerzenständer III


Asunción will be raffling one of her sculptures worth over 400 euros for a good cause. Raffle tickets are available for 10 euros each. The proceeds will go to SOS Kinderdorf. Buying your raffle ticket is simple:

Transfer 10 euros per ticket or an amount divisible by 10 to the SOS Kinderdorf account number.

BTV (Bank für Tirol und Vorarlberg)
IBAN: AT46 1644 0001 4477 4477
Donation to SOS Kinderdorf


To receive your tickets, please contact the artist directly:


+43 680 2048438

Thank you very much indeed!



Watch how our office was transformed into a three-dimensional work of art...