Workshop: Strengthen your strengths

Date: 11.12.2020

Time: 15.00 o'clock

Course instructor: Valentina Faoro M.Sc.

Registration until 09.12.2020 under: valentina.faoro@cic-network.at

Everyone has strengths, even if we are not aware of them. Are you curious and want to learn more about your character strengths? Would you like to know how you can use them to increase your well-being and that of your loved ones? Then register for the workshop "Strengthening Strength". 



Online Counseling

Online counseling with CIC psychologists and coaches 

In these extraordinary times everyday life has become a challenge for many people. The balance between work and study, family and friends, has run into difficulties. As a consequence a feeling of overload and unhappiness can quickly result. In this situation a talk with an expert can be very helpful by restoring perspective and motivation. Our psychologists and coaches in the CIC are therefore offering support in the form of online conversations - either in a group or individually. 

To request individual appointments, please send an email to: valentina.faoro@cic-network.at.


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