The jam sessions re-start - September 2021

From September 2nd 2021 we will meet in the CIC office in Villach again at 19.00 on Thursdays - at 20.00 if there's a Villach Networking Session or Talk. We'll keep you informed.

Also, our bluegrass band practice has started on Sundays at around 17.00 - 22.00.






Music and Fun at the CIC Big Jam Session

Share your love of music with others at the CIC Big Jam Session.


Do you enjoy playing or singing along to music? There is a new group at the CIC Office in Villach that has exactly what you’re looking for. The CIC Big Jam Session started in March 2019 with one goal in mind - make music and have fun. If you’re interested in music and would like to get to know other expats in the area, consider joining this hip new group.


On Thursdays, the CIC Big Jam Session meets at the CIC Office in Villach for a weekly “jam session.” So what is a jam session anyway? Think of it as a casual get together where musicians and music lovers can meet and play music in a relaxed setting. So far, eight people and one dog have stopped by to play music, so all are welcome. One of the things that makes this group unique is that even non-CIC members can participate, but they are encouraged to make a small donation for using the space. “We love to play with others, so all are welcome” explained founding member Felix from Erlangen, Germany. “We want more people here, so if you have fun with music, you should join”.


The CIC Big Jam Session was founded by Villach expats Felix and Adam. What started as a shared love of the Open Mic Night at the Secret Garden in Villach, turned into a fun new group for musicians. The group is open to musicians of all skill levels, so even if you are new to an instrument you can participate. “Right now I am practicing the guitar” explained Jam Session member Katya from Stuttgart, Germany. “I joined just for the fun of it and it is nice to be able to practice the guitar with others.” Even if you do not know how to play an instrument, you are invited to participate. “Singing and clapping are always welcome” explained Felix, “the only requirement is that you must bring your own instrument or have a voice for singing.” After speaking with some of the members of the CIC Big Jam Session it is clear that the group is all about having fun. “It’s a great way to meet people and you can come and go as you please” explained Katya. With its relaxed atmosphere and friendly members, this musical group is a great opportunity to relieve stress after work.


Want to join the CIC Big Jam Session? All you have to do is show up with your instrument or voice to join the jam. For further information, contact the CIC at office@cic-network.at.