Poetry Club

Poetry is a form of using language and words in creative and playful ways. That’s what I think – do you agree? When I think about poetry, I also think about the lyrics of songs I’ve listened to, I remember catchy advertising slogans, or words I spoke with my newly born children.

Does this resonate with you? Then join me, Wilhelm Söhnge, and other CIC poetry enthusiasts and share in the fun of what happens when our languages of origin/choice/interest/identity encounter each other poetically and collide in the multilingual setting of Carinthia. Let’s read, listen to, translate, write, sing, perform etc., let’s experience poetry in all of its forms!

As this is only the start of what I hope will become the CIC Poetry Club, nothing about what we’ll do as a group is hard set yet. I would like our group to develope our activities together, so once we get started we’ll share and pick from a pool of idea contributions from the whole group. For a start here are some suggestions for which I can offer networking contacts and other facilitations:

  • Meet up once a month, on the last Wednesday evening from 19h00 to 21h00, alternately in Klagenfurt and Villach at the local CIC office.

  • Practise different language skills – in the group or in a workshop – and expand your knowledge of divers local and international language traditions and cultures.

  • Network with many of the literary institutions based in Carinthia, and join in activities offered by the Robert-Musil-Literature-Museum etc. https://www.musilmuseum.at/musil-museum.html

  • Join in the excitement and surrounding activities when once a year Klagenfurt becomes the centre of the German-speaking literary world hosting the prestigious Ingeborg-Bachmann-Competition.

  • Share in our multilingual Carinthian community (German, Carinthian dialect, Slovenian, Italian and many more) and its traditions.

  • Go on excursions in the Wörthersee region and beyond along language and literary footsteps.

  • Take part in the annual CIC Language Brunch!

Start : 23rd February, in the CIC office in Klagenfurt. (Our meeting in March will be in Villach).

Please sign up with an email to my address : w.soehnge@mailbox.org

Extracts from two poems can be found here.

My name is Wilhelm Söhnge. I am a South African born German citizen living in Austria with my family since 2021. As a music teacher I am working in the Ganztagschule at the charming tiny Volksschule Hörtendorf outside of Klagenfurt. I have an academic background in musicology and educational studies, experience in cultural education for adults in South Africa, Germany and the US and curiosity for almost everything in life! Looking forward to meet you!