Good Vibes

New Year, new hopes and challenges

By now our New Year`s resolutions are starting to crumble. How can we support ourselves better in order to create a "Happy New Year"?

Workshop: Good Vibes - New Year, new hopes and challenges

Friday February 28th from 18 - 20 hrs.

Costs of workshop: Donations

CIC office, Villach

Please register: admin@cic-network.at 

With Ilse Blackstein:

My interest in what might be behind "reality" actually started already in my first profession, in nursing. Ever so often I was sent in to seriously and terminally ill patients, listened to their stories and wondered what was behind "Illness". The philosophy of Hospice Work became my focus.

At University I received important concepts in Humanistic Psychology and deepened my interest in energies and transformation.

Later in life Reiki-Energy-Work changed my life and supplied ways of supporting clients in growing and healing.

By now I am aware of the importance of consciously connecting to the energies of earth and universe - so that we can find a better balance between head and heart in our lives.