Workshop "Moral Courage"

What is moral courage?
What is violence - what forms does it take?
How do I confront assaults, helplessness, aggression or, for example, a one person against everyone else situation?
What can I do and when?
Where are my boundaries?

Friday, 15 March 2019 from 15.00 – 19.00 hrs.

CIC Office Villach, Hauptplatz 7


Threats, bullying and discrimination are everyday events. And yet hardly anybody looks or intervenes – often despite their good intentions. How can I help when someone is being assaulted, without putting myself in danger? The participants of the ZARA workshop “Moral Courage” will receive answers to these and other questions – this training session addresses the actual opportunities individuals have to intervene in “awkward” situations in the workplace or in public. So to be brave enough to support others and act with moral courage, come along to the training!


Various methods from theoretical components, interactive exercises and discussions as well as activities in small groups. The participants’ experiences serve as a starting point.  In the foreground is the questioning of thought processes and specialist further training with the help of theoretical basic knowledge.


The participants will expand their room to manoeuvre by

- Learning what moral courage action constitutes

- Gauging their own boundaries and opportunities

- Working on bodily and verbal assertiveness

- Developing effective replies and creative counter-strategies for handling discriminatory and racist situations and comments.

TRAINERS: Experts in the area of anti-racism.

€ 50 for CIC members | € 200 for non-members
Limited number of participants.

REGISTRATIONS STILL OPEN: admin@cic-network.at