For beginners

Directed for people who have never exercised or who for some reason stopped doing it.

Pilates improves balance, posture and stability and also keeps back pains away.

These exercises help mobilize muscles that we do not usually use.

Pilates exercises are part of a comprehensive method that helps move the deeper muscles of the body, and thus achieve good posture.


Tones and shapes the muscles.

Reduces stress.

Combats back pain.

Strengthens the abdomen.

Improves flexibility and coordination.

Helps better elasticity.

Every Monday from 18.00 - 19.00 hrs. (until end of July, no Pilates in August)

Location: CIC Office Klagenfurt, Burggasse 7
Instructor: Laura Espinoza
Costs: Donations


Classes will be held in English. Please bring a sports mat and wear comfortable clothes.

About Laura:

Laura began Pilates in 2009 as a support for her career as a bassoonist and developed very quickly a passion for the practice and well-being that Pilates generates.

Through exercises or muscle strengthening, you can prevent illness and practicing Pilates will make you happier.