Welcome to the new CIC project - the Intercultural Live Calendar!

Do you know what holidays are popular in Austria? What cultural traditions do the other CIC members keep up? Do you want to learn how people celebrate Jewish New Year, Korean Harvest Festival, Japanese Children’s Day or Orthodox Easter? If you're interested join our Live Holidays Calendar!

To see, to know, to tell

Traditions are very important for every one of us. Even in a foreign country, we try to respect the customs of our country and to celebrate its main holidays. It connects us with our native land and allows us to pass the memory of generations on to our children. 

To learn more about each other's traditions we have started a project: the Intercultural Live Calendar.

  • We regularly introduce one national holiday – with one family!
  • We regularly give you interesting facts about Austrian holidays!
  • You can find unexpected info and surprising photos here!
  • And you can become the main character of the following article!


Write us and tell about traditions of your country. Maybe your story will be next - office@cic-network.at



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