Earth Day

Holiday: Earth Day

When? Every year on April 22

Where? Around the world


Meaning and History

The celebration of Earth Day takes place every year on April 22nd. This international event marks a day for people around the world to demonstrate their support for the environment. Earth Day is observed in more than 190 countries and is coordinated by the nonprofit Earth Day Network.


Carinthia’s Commitment to Sustainability

Every year, Austria celebrates Earth Day with events across the nation. In Carinthia, there are many groups that are committed to sustainability and promoting environmental protection. Here are a few of the ways in which organizations in Carinthia are doing their part for the planet.


Klimabündnis Kärnten - Klimabündnis Kärnten (“Climate Alliance Carinthia”) is located in Krumpendorf and regularly organizes projects and campaigns to educate people in Carinthia. Past projects included film screenings, educational courses, and online campaigns. Learn more at https://kaernten.klimabuendnis.at/


Bio Austria Kärnten - Bio Austria is an organic farming movement in Austria. The Bio Austria Kärnten group focuses on greening Carinthian agriculture to ensure people are supplied with healthy non-GMO foods at a fair price. To get involved, follow Bio in Kaernten on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/bioinkaernten.


Verantwortung Erde - Verantwortung Erde (“Responsibility Earth”) is a movement in Carinthia that is dedicated to sustainable societal change. Regular events include environmental workshops and discussions as well as their successful “Seed Festivals” where free seeds are given to the public. https://www.verantwortung-erde.org/


How to Celebrate Earth Day 2019

The theme of Earth Day 2019 is “Protect Our Species”. This year, everyone is asked to do their part to help the planet by raising awareness and making changes to slow the rate of extinction. Find out more at the Earth Day Network website -  https://www.earthday.org/campaigns/endangered-species/earthday2019/.


Seed Festival in Villach: In the Villach main square, Verantwortung Erde will be giving out and sharing seeds. Everyone is welcome to bring their own seeds to share and increase the variety of gardens. https://www.verantwortung-erde.org/Veranstaltung/saatgut-fest-am-villacher-hauptplatz/?instance_id=4111


Happy Earth Day everyone!