Songkran: Thai New Year

When? Now from the 13th - 15th April. Before it didn't have a fix date and depended on the Buddhist moon calendar.


The meaning.
The traditional Buddhist New Year's Day.

How it is celebrated.
 On the evening of April 12th people clean their apartments scrupulously. The following morning the families get together and go to the Buddhist temples to sacrifice rice, fruits and other foods. After this, they eat delicious dishes in the temple and wish each other good luck, happiness and wealth. There is a tradition “to bathe” the local Buddha statues and to pour a little of the water on each other’s hands. The water pouring is a symbol of washing away bad luck and renewal. At night people celebrate Songkran. It’s very popular to sing karaoke, dance, listen to the music and watch TV all night.

Family traditions. Fon Rue Thai Wildpanner (38) has been living in Villach since 2010. She came to Austria with her husband (he works at Infineon) and two children from Thailand. Some years ago she opened "Asian Shop" on Italiener Straße at the town center where everybody can buy exotic Asian food. “Songkran is a very important holiday for us”, this pretty woman tells. “I am very happy that there is a Buddhist temple in Klagenfurt. It’s a great possibility for Asian community to get together and to celebrate our holidays”. Every year Songkran festival takes place in Klagenfurt, with live Thai music, dance and national food. Anyone can visit it and enjoy Thai culture.

Songkran celebration in Klagenfurt: Saturday, 28th of April 2018, begin: 18:00 hrs. in the GZ St. Ruprecht, Kinoplatz 3, 9020 Klagenfurt. Admission incl. buffet: € 20, -

PHOTOS: Fon Rue Thai Wildpanner and her daughters.

Songkran in Thailand. Source: asia-backpackers.com/songkran-across-thailand-2015

Text: Vita Vitrenko