Outdoor get together - CIC Party 2020

The notes of a cheerful sound, the wind that refreshes the heat of the sun and the scent of street food create the perfect atmosphere for a chat, the meeting of new people and a drink with friends.


Outdoor get together is a CIC event created for CIC members to connect with Carinthian’s residents. The event took place at a beautiful venue: Kulturhof: Keller, in Villach: a nice garden that is full of flowers and plants. Here, you can choose between different hot dogs, prepared by the super smiling barmen and bargirls from Loco Sound Club. Together with your hot dog you can taste some special soft drinks and beers.


Those elements together are the perfect combination for having a fun afternoon, listening to exciting music (live and dj sets) and enjoy these summer nights. Regardless of whether you are an adult or a child, you will certainly be looking forward to another Outdoor Get Together after attending this one.


Author and photos: CIC member Nicole Lazzari