Kerala Flood Relief Lunch

Kerala is a small state in the southern part of India which is very famous for its pristine beaches and tranquil mountains. In late July 2018, severe flooding affected the state of Kerala due to unusually high rainfall during the monsoon season. It was the worst flooding in Kerala in nearly a century. Over 445 people died and almost one million people were displaced. Damage caused by the flood is estimated to be 3 Billion US Dollars. Though there were huge rescue missions and numerous relief camps ,the depth of the calamity shook the state and the all the Keralites around the world.

Moved by the distress Kerala is facing at the moment, Keralites in Villach came together and organized a fundraising charity lunch on 25th August 2018 in Otelo Villach. It was a huge success with more than 100 friends joining for lunch and supporting to rebuild Kerala.

Money collected will be transferred to the chief minister's Flood Relief Fund. Further donations are welcome: https://donation.cmdrf.kerala.gov.in/

Photo: courtesy of Sonyia Mathew