Friday 10th and Saturday January 11th, 2020

The United Euro Bridge (TUEB) Austria held a presentation workshop at the Carinthian International Center, Villach, Austria. TUEB UK CEO Diana Cetara and Ali Khan travelled to Austria to do a two-day presentation and workshop.  They were kindly hosted in the CIC Villach Centre, which is in the historical city centre of Villach in the south east corner of Austria, close to both the Italian and Slovenian borders, where TUEB Austria is based. Villach has a thriving international community due to its proximity to two other European countries and a growing software industry which is transforming the area in to a European silicon valley, employing people from all over the world for which CIC plays an important role in networking and assisting the international community to the social and economic life in Carinthia when they move to Austria. Although there was little snow for this time of year, the weather was cold but sunny and the beautiful surrounding mountain scenery made the perfect backdrop for the setting for our first official presentation in Austria.

The people attending came from different European countries including Italy, UK, Romania and India as well as Austria. Each were motivated to attend by their different ideas, dreams and objectives. It began with the captivating account of how founder CEO Diana Cetara began her experience of funding applications from the EU, how she started up TUEB UK and outlined a variety of companies, institutions and partners with which she has collaborated with over the years, to the creation of a second Branch of TUEB in Austria.

This was followed a step by step Power Point presentation explaining how the EU organizes its Budget, how money is distributed and what money in funds and grants are available from the EU. The presentation outlines the infinite possibilities and options available for applying EU Grants and funding and how the application process works. On one hand the whole system and procedure seems daunting and overwhelming. The reason that the majority of people give up before even starting an application, as it can seem just too complicated. However, the expertise and years of experience of both Diana and Ali gave both clarity and reassurance that it is possible and that there are a lot of opportunities out there.

A lunch break together gave us the opportunity to socialize and learn more about the other people attending, some taking a short walk around town before the afternoon session. This part was more hands on and interactive. We went through a project application form discussing the procedure, with more in depth discussion about the funding and bands available, how to accesses information on the EU website. There was plenty of time for questions, answers and individual advice, combined with numerous anecdotes and stories of previous projects and situations narrated by Diana which rendered the afternoon both informative and thoroughly entertaining. TUEB Austria has already had its first subscribers for yearly membership which hopeful will grow and encourage new partners and EU funding projects to contribute to the benefit of our European community.