Linguistic Landscapes

An exhibition of academic posters from the Department for Research into Multilingualism at Alpen Adria University.

An event as part of our cooperation with Club Tre Popoli

From Monday October 14th to Sunday November 10th under the leadership of Professor Dr. Luca Melchior at the CIC Office Klagenfurt, Burggasse 7.

Closing event: Sunday November 10th at 11.00 h with the book presentation “Troubadour” (a historic novel) with the author Christoph Görg.

The usage of languages in public in the form of signs, advice, inscriptions and so on, but also graffiti, labels, placards often follow unwritten and in part unconscious rules. It is visible evidence of often complex sociolinguistic situations that exist in a place, in a region, in a neighbourhood and reflect protagonists, (linguistic) prestige, social attributions and power structures. The exhibition documents with illustrations different linguistic landscapes of Carinthia and in so doing tries to carefully examine the everyday (in)visibility of multilingualism in the region and among its people. The work is a result of a cooperation with a teaching research project at the Alpen Adria University of  Klagenfurt/Celovec (under the leadership of Professor Dr. Luca Melchior).