Strong immune system for children


Strong immune system for children - How to prevent diseases with traditional European medicine (TEM).



This talk will give a general overview of Traditional European Medicine (TEM for short), its health methods and how they can contribute to a strong immune system in children.

What is meant by TEM?
What are the methods used in TEM?
What generally weakens the immune system of children?
What strengthens it?
What methods from TEM can be used to strengthen the immune system of children?


DATE: 18.11.2022. 10:00 - 11:30, CIC Office Villach. Please register HERE.

            23.11.2022, 17:00 - 18:30, ONLINE. Please register HERE.


LANGUAGE: German and English

Speaker: Elena Obtresal

Short Bio Elena Obtresal:

Coach for Traditional European Medicine, Dipl. Bach Flower Consultant and Business Economist.

Married, 2 children (9 + 12 years), 46 years (born 1976 in Villach). Naturopathy has accompanied me since my childhood. Through my grandmother I got to know different plants, herbs & home remedies. However, my passion for TEM really began when I became a mother. From then on, I dealt intensively with this subject and completed various training courses.

The desire to pass on this knowledge not only to my family and friends, but also to other people has grown in recent years. As a logical step, this year in April I became self-employed.

 Max. participants: 10 - 15 persons