Live Reise - Live Journey to Ireland


Come and join us on a virtual journey to Ireland!

Live Reise - Live Journey is an Online Talk in English about virtual travel that will allow you to fly over borders and discover new countries and cities.


Our trip to Ireland will start with Dublin, then we will take an imaginary train to Kilkenny and after a nice beer we will discover Galway and its county, discovering the magic of Connemara nature and cliffs of Moher. Then we will take our imaginary bus to Limerick and down to Cork.
Gaelic and Celtic culture will be part of our expedition and you will love it, for sure!


Our flight to Ireland will take off on Thursday, 11th June 2020 from 18:00-18:45 h.


In this Online Talk no masks will be needed, and no social distancing will be applied. You only need a little bit of creativity and an open mind to fly direct from your sofa.

Please register at admin@cic-network.at

Presenter: Nicole Lazzari
Instagram: www.instagram.com/nicolelazz/