Networking between the mountains

"Networking between the mountains" is a cooperation project between CIC member and mountain guide Anita Pinagli and the CIC. Together we want to give people basic knowledge about how to approach local mountains, what rules to follow and what hidden dangers can be encountered on a hike. 

Registration by mail to: admin@cic-network.at

Price for the tours per person: 10€

Group size: Due to the current situation, tours are currently allowed with a maximum of three adults and their (maximum of six) children from one household.  

Going to the mountains with Anita Pinagli: 

  • Sunday, April 25: Afternoon walk for families or youngsters - "Walking along the "Roman road"- the Warmbad forest between Celtic archaeology and nature ..let's try out our mountain skills!" (Max 3 hour walk)
  • Tuesday, May 25: "THE FLOWERING OF THE WILD NARCISSI IN THE BÄRENTAL" (3h walk for families)
  • Sunday, June 6: "What is a Biosphere park? THE NOCKBERGE AND THE KÖNIGSTUHL!" (5 hour walk)

On request, other tours can be planned in English, Spanish or Italian. 

The dates can vary depending on the weather. 

A detailed description of the project, lectures and tours - in English - can be downloaded HERE.