Date: 24th April

Time: 10:00 h

Duration: 120 minutes

Location: Skype

Price: 30 euros

Registration by 22nd April HERE.

Moderator: Elisabetta Bignami

Workshop description:

Emotions affect how we learn and remember, make decisions, create and maintain our relationships with others. Emotions affect our physical health and our ability to think creatively. Basically, emotions affect all spheres of our life. Being emotionally intelligent means being more aware and intentional, using emotions as a valuable source of information.

Emotional intelligence was in fact included among the top ten skills required in 2020 by the World Economic Forum.

This emotionally challenging period for everyone, in addition to its effect on our external reality, is also influencing our internal reality, inviting fear and anxiety, a sense of loss, helplessness, to feel overwhelmed to enter our personal space: all emotions that push us to focus on the problem and push us to take a step back, to go backwards. So how do you stay on course without getting lost? And without closing the doors to enthusiasm, creativity? During the workshop we will discover that emotions knock on our door to signal to everyone what is important, what really matters and how to use the energy of anxiety, of fear, channeling it towards thoughts that generate enthusiasm.

Elisabetta Bignami has a degree in Education Science from Bologna (Italy). She has fifteen years of experience in the training field: first in school and later in human resources. She is trained as a Life Coach at the Astery Lab School in Milan, affiliated to the ICF (International Coach Federation). As a consultant she has worked in the field of Human Resources. In particular, she supported people there in times of strong change. She applies innovative techniques to support personal growth and strongly believes that emotions and creativity are the fundamental aspects in moments of renewal.