On Saturday, September 19th, 2020 from 9 - 13 hrs

CIC office, Villach, Hauptplatz 7, 9500 Villach

Please register: admin@cic-network.at 

Contribution: € 15,--

Elisabetta Bignami

"What should I do with my life?"


It's a perennial and universal question that is not easy for most of us to answer.

Whatever your age or circumstance, whether you're happy with your job, planning a career pivot, longing for a different lifestyle, or seeking more meaning and personal coherency. Redesign You workshop can help you invent a more engaging, fulfilling, and enlivened future. Expect to return from the workshop with a taste of a powerful, actionable set of tools for life and career way-finding.


The workshop can offer you pills to reflect and experiment with exercises in order to:

·        Reframe the challenge of work-life balance

·        Identify your impact in the world

·        Prototype alternative lives


The workshop will be 4 hours please come with comfortable clothes.