Gulmohor Carnival Association is collaboration among artists, professionals, civil groups originating mainly from South Asia .The Association is founded on a simple premise: ‘Art and its practices in various forms can bring positive changes in the individual lives and therefore in the greater society.’

The association is envisioned as an interface between south Asian and central European artists/activists pursuing the goal to socially, culturally and politically integrate south Asian immigrants in their local communities. The platform shall intentionally provoke and sharpen the natural awareness, compassion and perception of the people towards a harmonious co-existence of multiple ethnicities through cutting edge media practices, traditional ethnic practices and art projects performed/installed in the public domain.

For further information please contact

Hadi Zaman

What does it mean?

Firstly, Gulmohor is a tropical tree whose flowering heralds the coming of the rainy season after the dry scorching summer of South and South-East Asia. Gulmohor, while in bloom, reminds us of the richness and exuberance of life on earth.

Secondly, Gulmohor Republic is a groundbreaking Bengali novel whose theme centered on South Asian diaspora’s intellectual/spiritual contribution to the West at the beginning of the twentieth century.

The tree and the book inspired us to establish Gulmohor in the Carinthian soil.