Museum am Bach

Dr. Birgit Stegbauer
A museum for social systems opened its doors on the day exactly 100 years after the manifesto of Bad Ischl that declared war against the Serbs. The new museum shows systems and social models, considering in particular the theories and utopia of the modern world. In this opening year facts, places and events from the First World War take centre stage, such as for example the Lippitzbach committee compilation or the previously unseen women’s scope of activities in this war, which are artistically explored and transformed. The initiative for this new type of museum came from the curator Alex Samyi who is also the manager of the building.

MUSEUM at the Creek, Krassnitz 12, Ruden, Carinthia.

Open from May to October
Thursday - Sunday, 14.00 – 19.00 hrs.

More about this at:           http://museumambach.com/ 

and on Facebook:              https://www.facebook.com/museumambach?fref=ts