From Feistritzer Alm (1,718 m) to Mount Oisternig (2,052 m)

Birgit Stegbauer


This easy and short family hike in the Carnic Alps is a good choice for the shorter days of fall. You can go to Feistritzer Alm by car, the hike is a round trip, it only takes an hour to climb the summit and there are fine views in all directions. The Oisternig Schutzhütte/retreat is open from mid-June until the end of September. However, on your way back you will pass the inn and Hotel ‘Alte Post’ at Feistritz/Gail which is open all year.


Starting from Villach, Feistritz an der Gail is only about a 20 minute drive. Exit the interstate road, drive into the village and look for the wooden sign 'Feistritzer Alm' which will lead you to the right and up the mountain. The single track road is made of asphalt and gravel. It winds a good 9 km long through deep woods, Finally, the mountain opens to a soft, greenish elevated plain, the Feistritzer Sattel/ Feistritz Saddle. There, the pastures of the Feistritz farmers converge into a small village.


Trail # 482 is the north-east route to Mount Oisternig. It first crosses a small boulder field, then continues through wooded mountain pines on a scenic, but steep path to the summit. Trail # 481 however, leads into a wide south-west curve to the summit, At the cross, the view beyond the Oisternig's jagged rock face opens into the Gailtal Valley and the Gailtaler Alps with its most prominent mountain, the Dobratsch. To the east you'll see the Karavanke Alps and the rocky peaks of the Julian Alps. In contrast, to the south you can delight in the rather gentle foothills of the Carnic Alps.


Like all Carinthian summits of the Carnic Alps, Mount Oisternig is situated on the Italian-Austrian border. Alongside this borderline, the war wounds left deep scars in the mountains. You“ll encounter Mount Oisternig below the summit that has an extensive bunker from World War I. The upper part of Trail # 481 leads you on a path that was originally used when the bunkers were built.


Alternatively, you can walk from Feistritzer Alm to the little church of Maria Schnee (1,750m), which is only half an hour away. During the summer months, there are a couple of pastures in the vicinity, which are operated: Achomitzer Alm (45 minutes), Dolina Alm (1 h), Rifugio Fratelli Nordio/IT (1,5 h) or Werbuz Alm (1 h).

The website of the Hotel Alte Post, Feistritz an der Gail is available in English here.



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