The writer


Dr. Birgit Stegbauer comes from Regensburg, Germany. She has a PhD in art history from the university of Hamburg. Since 2009 she has lived with her family in Villach. For the CIC, Birgit provides various services to help ease the transition to living in Austria:


The RECOMMENDATIONS provide ideas for day trips in the Alps-Adriatic-region and are a result of the family’s investigative expeditions in their new surroundings. They can be found on the CIC homepage, under CIC Specials, EXPLORING.


DEUTSCH – SPRECHEN, LERNEN, ERLEBEN are German conversation courses. Their objective is to create a deeper comprehension of life and work in Austria, Carinthia and Villach. The courses are open to German language learners with an A2+ level.


Finally, the FACES articles are brief portraits of CIC members who have successfully mastered to settle in Carinthia. They, too, can be found on the CIC homepage, under FACES.

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