Kärnten Card

The Kärnten Card, valid from mid-April, is accepted in more than 100 destinations in Carinthia and you can re-visit your favourite attractions as many times as you like. Furthermore, there are more than 50 bonus partners who offer exclusive reductions to all visitors with a Kärnten Card. You also have the opportunity to go on toll roads, cable cars and on boats free.

More information about the Kärnten Card and destinations can be found on:



Please note that you are entitled to buy a "Kärnten Card for Einheimische" if you are a resident of Carinthia http://www.kaerntencard.at/en/for-local-residents/. Be sure to take your registration form ("Meldezettel") along.


The Kärnten Card is valid from mid of April to October and its use is unlimited.

Prices please find here: http://www.kaerntencard.at/en/for-local-residents/prices-and-offers/

Where do you get the Kärnten Card?
You can get the Kärnten Card in over 140 sales outlets all over Carinthia (in tourist offices, for example). There's a list here:


Finally, if you've bought a card before, you can have it charged up again and re-use it.