Offers from CIC members

Here you can find an overview about activities and offers that might be interesting for CIC members, all of them are initialized by CIC members. Your offer could be announced here as well.


If you have ideas for activities or meetings that could support the international community in Carinthia please come back to us: office@cic-network.at

Special Offers:

Networking between the mountains
Austria Guides
Retrain Your Mind
New psychological practice in Villach
Mehrsprachige Logopädin - Monica Tognon, B.
ASIRI - Carefully made products from the Andes
Asia Shop in Villach
Energy Sessions
Family Portraits / Ritratti di Famiglia
Holistic Treatment Diana Zouppas
Hotel Gasthof Lammersdorf
Jenny Le - professional Nail designer + Makeup Artist
Lomi lomi Nui Massage: Hawaiianische Körperarbeit
London Hair Studio Clare Young
Nissan Kia Sintschnig - We offer everything on the topic "car and mobility" for expats
Public speaking and leadership skills
Private tutoring in German
Stress and Coaching
Swircle - travelling bookshelf
Yoga Classes in English - Online
Yoga on the lake