Asia Shop in Villach


Italienerstrasse 8
9500 Villach

Text by Jill Vincen, photos: CIC

Northern Thailand on Italienerstrasse?

On your way over to the Italien ice cream place on Italienerstrasse, cross the street and stop by the lovely, well-stocked Asia Markt. Having recently worked in Chiang Mai, I had immediate memories of its famous food invoked by the fresh produce, fresh tofu, coriander, soba and tamarind . Fonruetnai Wildpanner imports carefully chosen vegetables,greens and herbs that are not available locally. Her shop is stocked with fresh, canned and frozen delicacies from the Philippines, India and a bit of Korea as well Thailand. There is also an interesting assortment of frozen appetizers and roti. When I visited Asia Markt on a snowy March afternoon, I had  to buy a large bunch of fresh basil for only 2€. If you need coconut milk for your next curry, this is the place to pick up a couple of tetra packs of it. Ms. Wildpanner who is fluent in English and German, opens her shop Monday-Friday from 10-12 and 1:30-6:00, and on Saturday from 9:30-12:30.