ASIRI - Carefully made products from the Andes

ASIRI was born with the thought to help indigenous tribes in the Andes, preserve their tradition of manufacturing wool and alpaca fiber blend products by themselves within their villages, applying craftsmanship and techniques that have been passed on for generations. My partner and CIC member Olivier has been living in Ecuador for 25 years, and already supported the indigenous communities in a series of projects. The moment he brought me my first blanket back from Ecuador, all my friends wanted to have one, as those blankets are fluffier and softer than what you usually get in e.g. homeware stores. Therefore, we decided to make the products including scarfs available to people in Europe and set up a local company in Carinthia.

ASIRI means "smile" in the Quechua language. Our vision is to put a smile on the faces of people enjoying the products, as well as on the faces of the artisans who manufacture ASIRI products with love.

For the Quechua people and their culture, every color has a meaning. With ASIRI products you go beyond a fashion statement, by influencing your environment and the people surrounding you with those powerful energetic colors.

Our colorful blankets and scarfs can be found on our web shop www.asiri.eu

By using the discount code "ASIRI4CIC" there will be 20% discount granted on every purchase by members of CIC.


Contact and inquiry:

Ilse Anna Massenbauer
E-Mail: office@asiri.eu