City tours and trips in Klagenfurt and Carinthia

Austrian Guide - Maria Staudegger

As I married my Carinthian husband in 2008, I left my home country Slovakia and moved to Klagenfurt. We are living here with our three children until now.

I always loved travelling, discovering new places and crossing borders – also those in my mind. Real people with their stories, fates, languages and ways of thinking or living are for me more fascinating than just buildings or classical attractions. Meeting new people and learning more about something new makes me understand myself better.

That´s why I decided to study tourism and to guide other people while travelling and discovering new cultures. It will be a pleasure for me to show you nice places in Carinthia and to tell you many interesting stories.


Audio tours of Klagenfurt, which are currently only available in English. On the platform VOICEMAP.me there are 2 tours in Klagenfurt. One is by my colleague Carmen Delsnig and one by me - the tour "Between the notes".

Both can be found here:


You can buy these tours and then listen to them on your own - the idea is that you walk through the city yourself and let yourself be navigated only by the headphones and learn everything interesting about the topic. It's very flexible, can be done individually and is also Corona-friendly.


Music tours in Klagenfurt

Booking and info: +43 664 16 222 58 or www.mariastaudegger-guide.at/aktuelle-fuehrungen-neu


Come with me and discover more from Carinthia!
- Guided tours already from 1 person
- Individually designed – with information about connections to your land
- Evening walks
- Birthday parties and children birthday parties
- Interactive tours – Scavenger Hunt – ideal as a teambuilding or birthday party
- Trips
- English, German, Slovak, Czech + Italian (basic)
- Own experience with migration

My focus:
- „fun facts“
- stories about people, legends
- understandable connections
- active participation (if desired)
- small surprises
- what the history has to do with you and the future

Maria Staudegger – licensed guide

+43 664 16 222 58


...learning more about something new makes us understand ourselves better, feel more at home...

Photo credits: (c) Tanja Schönlieb