Lomi lomi Massage: Hawaiian body work

Duration: 60 min or 90 min                           

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Lomi Lomi Nui is a mixture of ritual, body work and dance, which was formerly practiced in Hawaii in the temple. Lomi Lomi Nui Bodywork is a special experience and acts as a blessing. It leads in a tangible way to dimensions which have become scarce in our Western world. The Lomi treatment relieves old tensions and helps to heal the wounds of the past in a marvelous way.


The goal of the Lomi ritual is to promote and manifest the ever-present loving life energy. Lomi means in Hawaiian: "press, knead, rub". Simplified, the term Lomi can also be translated as "massage". The addition of the term "Lomi Lomi" emphasizes the intensity and quality of the massage, the addition "Nui" means "unique, great or special."



Antonio Levanto

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