Monica Tognon, B. - Mehrsprachige Logopädin

Logopädin / Logopedista / Logopedist en Afasietherapeut

Peter-Rosegger-Straße, 2/2 (1. Stock) - 9500 VILLACH   
+43 660 444 98 58  -  monica.tognon.logo@hotmail.com


My name is Monica Tognon and I am a speech and language therapist with many years’ professional experience. 

I have recently opened a practice together with Dott.ssa Mag. Cecilia Gori, a midwife. The practice is located in Villach-Lind on Peter-Rosegger-Straße 2/2, only a few minutes from the main train station on foot.

I deal with the prevention, counseling, examination, diagnosis, therapy and rehabilitation of speech, language, voice, swallowing and hearing disorders, following a referral from a doctor or dentist. Although my specialisms are multilingualism, aphasia, neurogenic communication and swallowing disorder therapy, I treat all speech disease disorders and target people of all ages. My treatments are in Italian, Dutch, German or English.

I have accumulated many years of professional experience in Italy and in the Netherlands. In the Netherlands I have been registered in the Health Professions register since 2002 and in the Aphasia register since 2009. I have been working in Austria since December 2020, where I am regularly enrolled in the Health Professions register and I am a member of the federal association Logopaedieaustria.

I am a freelance SLT (Wahllogopädin) and I have a contract with all Austrian health insurance companies, who generally cover most of the treatment costs. At the moment I have no waiting list and you can contact me to make an appointment at your convenience.

Treatments take place in the practice, online (teletherapy) or, if necessary, at your home in Villach or Villach Land.

Appointments by arrangement.

For further questions I am at your disposal.