Music lessons

"Hello, everyone! I am Music and Pedagogy Teacher with eight years of professional music experience. I adore teaching and transmitting knowledge to others. I can give music lessons to people of different ages.  These could be individual lessons (online / in person) or group workshops for the youngest. These are some of the subjects I could give a lesson on:


Piano (Learn by basic Classical music pieces, Film music or other Popular compositions)

Solfeggio (Learn reading and singing notes, melodies, rhythm, harmony / Ear training exercises/ Composing)

Singing (Learn and improve Vocal technique)

Music Theory (Basic music knowledge for beginners who want to discover the world of music, better understand and improve their playing or singing / Advanced program for students with all level of experience)

Choir singing (Leading and preparing a group of children who will sing songs of different genres for different occasions)

Ethno singing (Singing Traditional songs from all over the world)

English for Kids (Learn language spontaneously through singing songs and playing funny music games with movements. It is the easiest and funniest way for kids to learn something new. Additionally, they develop also their motor skills, mental skills, improve memory and speaking)

I am able to teach children in Serbian, Bosnian, Croatian or English language. German language is in progress".