Networking between the mountains

"Networking between the mountains" is a cooperation project between CIC member and mountain guide Anita Pinagli and the CIC. Together we want to give people basic knowledge about how to approach local mountains, what rules to follow and what hidden dangers can be encountered on a hike. 

Going to the mountains with Anita Pinagli
Registration by mail to: admin@cic-network.at

Or to: Anita Pinagli +43 660 743 3095

Group size: Currently 16 adults may meet outside plus children.
Cost: €10 per person. Children under 14 are free.  
Admission is only possible with a negative test, if you have recovered from Covid 19 or after a vaccination ("3-G rule": tested, recovered, vaccinated).

  • Upcoming hike in October 17th: "What is a Biosphere park? THE NOCKBERGE AND THE KÖNIGSTUHL!" (5 hour walk)

    On request, other tours can be planned in English, Spanish or Italian. 

    Dates can vary depending on the weather. 

Landscapes - Newsletter in Italian and German



On Sunday 27th June - Trekking the Alpine wall of the Malborghetto area

The meeting point was the main entrance of the Opera 3 bunker. The trip lasted about 4 hours and had a difference in altitude of about 600 m spread over 10 km of the route. 

Here are the photos.



Klagenfurter Hütte, June 19th 2021

On Saturday June 19th we met at the CIC office, Villach at 8.30 and were briefed by Anita Pinagli. We headed for Feistritz im Rosental then hiked through the Bärental. On the way we enjoyed spotting and photographing flowers with guidance from Anita. Finally we arrived at the Klagenfurter Hütte, where we had a delicious meal and some great musical entertainment! Of course, the views and weather were amazing. Many thanks to Anita for organizing this: it was a lot of fun and we look forward to the next one.