New psychological private practice in Villach

Hi, my name is Eva Kosel and I am a Clinical & Health Psychologist with many years’ professional experience with international clients.

I have recently opened a practice in Villach and offer psychological counseling, therapy and workshops in German and English. My practice is located at Steinwenderstraße 7 only a few steps from the city center.

If you are interested, check out my webpage http://www.praxis-kosel.com or contact me by email info@praxis-kosel.com or phone 0676 936 0676.

I am looking forward to hearing from you!

New Beginnings

On Tuesday, June 15th at 17.00 Eva Kosel MSc – Clinical and Health Psychologist, will present a workshop on the topic of “New Beginnings” focusing on the importance of adjustment, habits and balance.

The workshop is aimed for everyone who just started a new phase of life and left their familiar comfort zone behind. This workshop´s goal is to explore typical phases of adjustment, the power of habits and the benefit of finding balance. The workshop will be held by the clinical & health psychologist Eva Kosel.

To register please click here.