Nissan Kia Sintschnig - We offer everything on the topic "car and mobility" for expats

Nissan Kia Sintschnig offers CIC Members tailor made mobility solutions (eg Car Leasing, Rental, e-Mobility) during their stay in Carinthia. Apart from a rich portfolio of more than 200 new and used cars, Nissan Kia Sintschnig has a wide range of workshop and services. The family operated car dealer with sites in Klagenfurt (near Südpark) and Villach (opposite Infineon) has a lot of experience with registrating cars (Nissan and Kia) from abroad in Austria, for many CIC Members. Sales and service staff of Nissan Kia Sintschnig speak English, Italian, French and Serbo-Croatian and you are welcome to contact them (visit, e/mail, phone) in one of  the mentioned languages.