Private tutoring in mathematics and physics

Inês Ferreira tutor of Mathematics and Physics of all levels before University. The tutoring classes are held in English and they are available at weekdays at any time.

Feel free to contact me: inescarolina95@hotmail.com

More information: https://www.linkedin.com/in/inescarolinaferreira/

Master Degree in Mechanical Engineering at Instituto Superior Técnico, Lisbon, GPA: 17/20. Master's Dissertation Grade: 19/20. About the University, Instituto Superior Técnico is among the 17 best institutions of Higher Education in Europe in the Engineering area.
During High School studied advanced mathematics in the University of Coimbra. Delfos Project has the mission of preparing the Portuguese team for the International Mathematics Competitions.

I am currently working in IT. However, I really love to teach and share scientific knowledge. Mathematics and Physics tutor for International students in China and Mathematics tutor in Portugal. I was responsible for help solving exercises and for preparing them for exams, as the IGCSE.

I am a curious woman whose mindset has always been focused on learning. I am passionate about absorbing knowledge of different areas and an expert on transmitting my interest and energy for the topics I am interested in. Teaching is a wonderful experience and education is the root for a better world.