Public Speaking and Leadership Skills

You want to learn to stand in front of a group of people and speak without the nervous trembling, the faster heart beat or whatever else it is, that your body does in a situation like that?

I have joined toastmasters quite a few years ago and learned to enjoy the benefits of this unique organization: toastmasters

You have now the same opportunity, the first club in Carinthia has started to hold meetings in July, already has 20 members and is looking for more. Join us at our next meeting.

In the meantime learn more about us at www.toastmasters-carinthia.at or register on www.tmclub.eu and tell us that you are coming by looking for “Toastmasters Villach”, go to “next meeting“ and click on “I am attending this meeting”.

If you want to form your own club, because Villach is too far away, then the first step consists in assembling a team of at least three people (more are very welcome!) to serve as the nucleus for a club. The group (if desired with the help of Toastmasters Villach) will prepare demonstration meetings and organize these events. Clubs can be set up within a company (so-called "in-house clubs") or as public clubs. There is also the possibility to have clubs using languages other than English. Personally I have been a member of English, German and French speaking clubs.

If you are interested, please let me know at chris@sollberger.eu

Chris Sollberger

+664 7324 3284