Reiki Session


My path:
 Working as a nurse, again and again I was sent in to seriously ill and dying patients. They taught me about encounter. My gratitude goes especially to terminally ill children: my greatest masters.
Studying Humanistic Psychology deepened my understanding and provided a framework.
More than 20 years ago, energy work came in, starting with Reiki I and II in Spain.
In Ireland I completed my training as a Reiki-Master in a wider concept. Working with Cancer-Patients I could integrate my experiences and was able to accompany wonderful processes.

A Holistic treatment: - client-centred exchange before and after the session
- Assisted relaxation / guided meditation
- Reiki-Seichim energy transfer, accompanied by intuitive toning, thereby supporting the reconnection with Soul and activation of the self-healing powers

Reiki-Seichim Seminars: When you have experienced these treatments as beneficial for yourself, you may wish to learn, how to pass these energies on to others, family and friends.
Initiations into Grade I and II prepare the individual gradually, starting off with a process of opening and cleansing the own energy system.

Grade I and II will be given over a weekend in small groups of 3-4 – on demand

A powerful ritual from Ireland: “Cutting negative Ties”

Many relationships are burdened by unconscious negative aspects, sometimes even from past generations: between parents and adult children, between partners, colleagues, even places.
In cooperation with the client, this ritual can gently but deeply release and transform the negative aspects, while the positive bonds are strengthened.

A conflict can “simply disappear”, a cooled-off relationship become warm – or a peaceful separation possible.

From Caterpillar to Butterfly:
 This workshop opens new perspectives on the “end” of life, encourages letting go of fears and use this freedom to revalue priorities in the Here and Now.

Further Information and appointment:

Ilse Blackstein: ib.rainbow@gmail.com