Home accessories

We often think about a new accessory for our home or a special gift and especially in these times of lockdown, we then turn increasingly often to online stores.

But who is actually behind this offer? Who is the creator of an e-commerce? In most cases, this remains a mystery....

With me it is different! I am a professional and expert in the furniture market, working in this industry since 1992 in Italy and operating in Austria since 2013. I possess a passion for beautiful and handmade things. This moves me to search for the best items among the manufacturers of home accessories that I can. My customers' total satisfaction is my top priority. With my in-depth knowledge and many years' experience, I was able to quickly establish myself in the Austrian market.

My e-commerce, which I built with the help of my wife, offers unique pieces for your home and business.

Visit us at: www.wohn-accessoires.at.

Stefano Deligio