Austrian Anadi Bank

The history of Austrian Anadi Bank AG goes back to its foundation as Kärntner Landes-Hypothekenanstalt in 1896. The main focus of activity at that time, i.e. the financing of public institutions, housing construction financing, and the issuing of mortgage bonds, is still an important area of business for the bank, which over the years has added universal banking services for private and corporate customers in the areas of liquidity, pensions, financing and investment.

Since 2013, the bank has been in the ownership of the British-Indian businessman Dr. Sanjeev Kanoria. The name “Anadi” means “eternal” in Hindi, and stands for the long tradition of the bank and also for its values of reliability and stability. The close connection with the Province of Carinthia is also expressed in the bank’s logo, which shows a stylised version of a wulfenia, the “flower of Carinthia”.

In addition to its 14 branches in the home market of Carinthia, Austrian Anadi Bank also operates branches in Vienna and Salzburg. In Salzburg, the main focus is on corporate customer business, while the Vienna branch provides services for both private and corporate customers. In addition, the International Desk in Vienna establishes the bank as a competent partner providing consultancy and financing services in connection with trade and business relations between companies in Europe and India – supported by the Kanoria family to which the bank’s owner belongs and whose SREI Group is a leading provider of financing services for infrastructure projects in India.

With a total of around 430 employees (including 20 apprentices) and approximately 55,000 customers – the bank is also the Carinthian market leader in housing construction financing and in banking services for doctors and the liberal professions – and total assets of around EUR 3.2 billion, Austrian Anadi Bank is a company that scores not on size but on the high quality of its services, its innovative products, and the close partnership it offers to its customers.

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