FunderMax is an Austrian company with a long tradition. Starting with a small sawmill, the company developed into Europes’s leading producer of derived timber products and decorative laminates. In its daily operations, FunderMax is oriented towards quality, presence on the markets and a sense for the future trends on these markets. Thus, FunderMax is able to develop innovations according to shifts in market demands and to meet expectations just in the right times and market cycles. Considerable amounts are invested in further development of technology and environmental protection. With that, FunderMax underscores it’s responsibility for employees, customers and society. Today, the company has three production sites in Austria. The export ratio reaches 75%, products are distributed around the world.   FunderMax is completely owned by Constantia Industries, one of Austrias largest industry groups.

The group is managed by the owner’s family and includes companies like Isovolta, Isosport, and Impress. Together, they concentrate their engagement on markets where a leading position is possible.

Products, markets, customers

The diverse product portfolio ranges from Max Compact panels (used for rear ventilated facade cladding, balconies and interior applications) and Biofaser (hard-fibre boards) to Star Favorit (MFC boards) and Homogen (raw chipboard). These products are used, among others, in the furniture, door and automotive industries. Max Compact laminates are produced for interior applications(cabins, wall covering) and exterior (rear ventilated facade cladding, balconies) applications.  

Numerous awards underscore the innovative power and export successes of the company. Further awards include a “best practice ward” in the “climate active”-program of Austrian Energy Agency and Austrian federal ministry of environmental affairs.  In F&E, FunderMax cooperates with the Wood Carinthian Competence Centre W3C in St. Veit/Glan.


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